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Investing with us is now even easier..

Check the rates, their even lower now, we're there for you.

Flying high, so you can have fee free transactions.

Trusting your bank should be easy, so that's what you should do.

Ask about our low interest CD rates.

Now offering fixed rate war bonds.

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If you think all banks are the same then you're right. It's money money money baby.

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Let's think for a second what life would be like if everyone read books everyday.

Banking doesn't have to be complicated, so we make it even easier for you to get connected.

We're passionate about getting your money in our bank and will stop at nothing to make it happen. In todays dog-eat-dog-eat-cat-eat-bird-eat-worm world we have to rely on powerful allies. As said powerful allies to many powerful world leaders, we can be the answer to your problems.

Did you know banking can solve a world of problems?
Here at First National we solve the worlds problems of tomorrow, today. We put the you in community. There's no physical branches so we can keep the saving flowing.

Competitive Rates

  • Mortgage 15yr 5.05
  • Mortgage 30yr 6.9
  • 5yr CD 0.05%
  • War Bond 1.3%

Today's Rates

  • Auto Loans 4.20
  • Home Equity Loans 6.54
  • Mortgage 15yr 5.05
  • Mortgage 30yr 6.9

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